The project of Saga extends far beyond currency; we find ourselves part of a broader movement which examines the changing role of money in society. Saga’s writings explore the possibilities offered by new forms of money, offering insights to help navigate this emerging landscape.

The Saga Begins

22 March at 15:44
The world is changing, many paths are open. How to stay balanced? Back to basics: by taking responsibility, earning trust and respecting a history that carries us through the next phase of evolution.

A Broad View of Saga

21 March at 13:00
Money is deeply ingrained in everyday life; even a small change requires patience. Taking the long view - delving back into history, peering hopefully to the future - slow and steady wins the race.

When It Comes to the Future of Money, Who Do You Trust?

26 March at 18:00
As a career economist, it seems to me that the current debate about cryptocurrencies ignores the most fundamental questions. Sensational stories about price distract attention from critical issues, that need to be addressed: Why do we need non-sovereign currencies? What good can they do, and for whom? Why now, of all times? And what are the risks?

The Secret behind Asia’s Global Blockchain Leadership

11 April at 12:00
Saga’s Founder, Ido Sadeh Man, reveals what he believes to be the reasons behind Asia’s admirable prominence in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

On the Path for Viable Governance of a Global Currency

18 April at 12:00
The journey began two years ago when we realised the stark need for a global currency, not impacted by any single nation-state. We saw blockchain technology and the vision of decentralisation as the obvious enablers for the issuance of such currency.